The Question Is...Do You Believe?

The Question Is…Do You Believe?

Are you the type of person who believes in the unknown or maybe, the supernatural myths? Time-travel, immortals, fairies, ogres, werewolves, vampires, things of that nature?
Well Samantha Rodgers was a sixteen-year-old girl who thought fairy-tales should remain in books as they made no sense in the real world.
When a teenage boy moved into the creepy house next door, Samantha had no clue that she was quickly stepping into the folktales she once thought were unreal.
Her mind—and life—are quickly altered when she finds out the truth behind her neighbor, Kevin Brady, and his family: he is a being of the supernatural world.
All of those creatures she thought were fiction, were real and living in her very own world, and there were people who wanted them dead.
Samantha, Kevin and her best friend Christian, are the only ones who can stop the man behind the silver pistol.


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