Two Week Book Sale

“From the Trees to the Sky” is on SALE from December 1-15!


Paperback was $14.99, on sale for $10.99

Kindle was $4.99, on sale for $2.99

Get yours today!!

Don’t forget to leave a review once you’re done reading!


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“After becoming an orphan at sixteen and moving to the small town of Libby Montana with her uncle, Alexandra is saved from a maniac by a young man who both captivates and baffles her.
The two of them grow closer as each day passes and it is not long before she learns his secret: Finn Skye is a fallen angel.
As their hearts open to each other, it becomes obvious that Alexandra has a pure soul and is wanted by an evil angel to create an army to take over Heaven.
Her soul puts her in danger and her heart belongs to a fallen angel, what will happen to Alexandra once she is found?
Romantic and exhilarating, FROM THE TREES TO THE SKY is a must-read love story.”


“From the Trees to the Sky”


Holiday book saleBook sale


Buy “From the Trees to the Sky” TODAY!


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