Whose Clumsy? I’m Clumsy!

Hello blog reader,
Today’s post is a serious topic for me and something I really want to bring awareness to… clumsiness. You trip, fall, bump into things, get stuck in things. We need to work together and stop clumsiness!

Okay, in all actuality, I am an extremely clumsy person and just wanted to tell you all a funny little story of what just happened to me.

I have an acoustic guitar near my computer, well, I was reaching around to plug in my HDMI cord and my head touched the top of the guitar.
Being a master clumsy person, I knew how detrimental my next move could be!
So, I tried to move my head away from the guitar carefully so that I wouldn’t get tangled.
Well, I got tangled.
Yup, in an instant my hair was incredibly twisted, and I had to bring the entire guitar to my boyfriend for the rescue!

I swear, I should be wrapped in bubble wrap!

Yes, it is that bad.

I have literally been told
“Brooklynn, I don’t know how you manage to drive a car and not somehow get tangled in the motor.”

I have been tangled in a vacuum cord (twice), had my shoulders stuck in a foldable table, my booty stuck in a laundry basket, my toe stuck in that same basket (different time), hair stuck in my headset and so, so much more.

I literally cannot walk to the store or park or wherever without tripping at least once.

I got my clumsy gene from my mother and my children got it from me, (sorry kids! Momma loves you!)
My oldest will trip and fall and then say
“Mom! Why did you make me clumsy!”
*insert sigh here*

Well, that’s the end of this blog post, I need to go get some cleaning done. Wish me luck, hopefully, I don’t get stuck or tangled in anything.


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