from the trees to the sky

Faye Marie

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“Her hands were trembling; did that mean that she was nervous? The almighty, tough as nails Faye Marie was showing signs of fear? This was something I had never thought I’d see in my lifetime.”

-A little snippet from the newest novel in the Heavenly Chaos series, From the Sky to Heaven.

Faye Marie is one of my favorite characters, she is tough on the outside and walls herself off from others, but on the inside she is caring, she stands for what she believes in and she doesn’t let anyone tell her what to do.
She is the pink-haired bully who chooses right from wrong in the end.

I am not the only one who loves Faye, here is what a reader had to say:

“Faye, oh what can I say about Faye? She was a bratty, know it all, pain in my rear end but I fell in love with that character and I loved how she evolved and grew with the story becoming one of the good guys.”

So, how about you? What do you think of miss Faye Marie?

From the Trees to the Sky

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