Aliens, Do You Believe or No?

Hello! Okay, so this post is going to be a bit…different…from my others.

There has been a question weighing on my mind ever since I started writing my alien book, and that is:
Do you think that there are aliens or do you think that they don’t exist?

Well, personally, I believe in them.

I believe that they live amongst us, disguised to look like us, pretending to act like us.

In my opinion, aliens are here so that they can learn more about our kind.

Our mannerisms, our personalities, our skills, our traits, our flaws.

Why would aliens want to learn those things?

That, I don’t know, obviously.

Am I crazy for believing in aliens?

Maybe, but what if I’m right?

Well, wouldn’t that just be something else?

Comment below, let me know what you think about this!


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