Inspiration and where I find it

As you may know by now, if you have followed my blog that is, I am an author.

I have been writing for the past fifteen years, about the time I started having anxiety; I used my writing as a way to help escape those attacks.

I am always writing something, whether it’s a short story or a re-write of one of my longer ones.

Over the years, many people have asked me, “Where do you find inspiration to write?”

To be honest, my biggest inspiration is music.

On my computer, I have so many story ideas saved, like at least twenty of them. When I am sitting there, my hands on the keyboard, headset on my head and Spotify opened, the words just come to me.

The lyrics and instruments fuel my inspiration, they get my brain pumping and before I know it, I have written seventy pages.

I have created a new world.
A new realm.
New people.
New stories.

Yes, I do have moments where I am in a funk and even music doesn’t help, but you know what I do?

I switch it up.
I force myself to write another story, a way to get the brain moving again, even if it’s a toss away story.

If that doesn’t help, then I take a break for a few days and try it all over again.

I have published one book, my second will be published soon. I am reading and re-writing another series which contains three books (which I am finished writing) and four spin offs. Plus, I have a ton of other ideas to work on next. Without music, I don’t think I would be as “clever” or creative.

Writing is what I love to do, what is it that you love to do and what inspires you?

Let me know!


1 thought on “Inspiration and where I find it”

  1. Might sound strange but when I am a little low,i start penning down my feelings and post the collection of those sentences.And when I am.happy I struggle to give my thoughts any direction..

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