My Favorite Newborn Products

My fourth and final pregnancy is coming to an end in just seventy days, give or take. This pregnancy seemed to have flown by and I find it hard to believe that I have about ten weeks left to go. As each day passes by, bringing me closer to holding my itty-bitty daughter in my arms, I am beginning to make sure that we have everything ready for her arrival.

Since I am definitely not new to the mommy scene, I have found myself favoriting certain items when it comes to having a newborn. With that being said, I decided to make a list of my favorite newborn products. The newborn stage is, in my opinion, the easiest stage, they are cute and cuddly, they spend most of their time sleeping. Who doesn’t love the newborn stage?

Here are a few items that I have found that make the newborn stage even easier:

10. Wipe Warmer

All of my newborns absolutely hated cold wipes, especially when they needed a change in the middle of the night. So, this wipe warmer was a lifesaver and helped prevent those little baby screams.
Plus, it was so easy to use! Just plug it in wherever you plan on changing your baby and boom the wipes start to warm!

9. BlissLights Sky Lite

My best friend, and mother to all my kids, actually bought this for my older boys. It projects stars onto the ceiling with a blue background and it slowly rotates. It is very cool and my kids love it. Well, it turned out that having this in our bedroom for a bit was so helpful when it came to nighttime with a newborn.

I didn’t have to turn on the bright bedroom light to be able to see my baby at night to change him or feed him, the night light created enough light for me to see perfectly without being too bright. Plus the moving colors had him staring at the ceiling in his bassinet until he fell back asleep.

8. Mitten-Cuff Onesies

Onesies with mittens attached. That, my friend, is what you want to get. I have never had a newborn who liked having mittens on their hands or a newborn who didn’t wiggle the mittens right off their hands only to scratch at their face. I hated seeing my tiny baby with a little scratch on his cheek.

You just slip these onesies on to them, or any other outfit with built-in mittens, and flip the mitten part over their tiny hands and you are good to go. They can’t wiggle it off and they will not be leaving scratches on their cute faces.

7. Baby Nasal Aspirator

Babies only breathe through their noses, unless they are crying, so when a boogie blocks that tiny nostril, your baby has a much harder time breathing. I loved these bulbs when I had newborns, and I still use them on my one-year-old, though he hates it a lot more now.

It sucks everything right out, then you can wash it in warm water. I do suggest getting a new one every so often, because they are not the easiest to clean and, in my opinion, the ones that open are not as good as these.

6. RUVALINO Diaper Bag Backpack

If you hate carrying the typical over-the-shoulder diaper bag, then I am right there with you. I got this diaper bag as a baby gift for my last child and it was amazing. It is a backpack, so that makes it so much easier. Just slip it into your back and you don’t have to worry about it slipping off your shoulder or getting in the way.

The front pocket is for bottles and medicine, or whatever you want to store in there. The center is large enough for a baby blanket, multiple outfits, diapers, wipes and I used to keep baby formula in there as well. The side pockets are perfect for baby’s lotion. After using a backpack diaper bag, I can’t see myself going back to the over-the-shoulder ones.

5. Fisher-Price Baby’s Bouncer

If you have a newborn get a bouncer! If you need to take a shower but have no one to watch the newborn? Buckle your baby in a bouncer in the bathroom and take your shower, check on the baby often, obviously. You want to relax and watch some tv but your baby wants to be bounced? Buckle your baby in a bouncer and let it gently bounce the baby and enjoy your time.

I used a bouncer for all of my newborns and it was amazing and came in handy in almost every situation!

4. Bassinet

A bassinet was also a huge help when it came to nighttime. After getting baby lotioned up, in their night outfit and fed, I’d lay him in the bassinet near me and rock it as he fell asleep. It is so great if you want your baby close to you but you don’t want to co-sleep. Plus there is storage underneath the bassinet for easy access to diapers, wipes, cream, lotion, whatever it is that you need.

The bassinet slightly rocking plus the slowly moving lights on the ceiling helped my baby fall asleep pretty quickly and with him so close, it helped me get to sleep easy as well.

3. HALO Sleepsack Micro-Fleece Swaddle

This sleepsack was one of the best things I have ever bought. It was a sleepsack but also a velcro swaddle, so baby’s legs were free but their upper bodies were being swaddled. It is soft, great material and super easy to put on.

The best part? You can unzip it from the bottom so you can change your baby’s diaper without having to take them completely out of the swaddle!

2. Philips AVENT Super Soothie Pacifier

My last son was a huge sucker, he was always wanting to suck on something since the day he was born. The hospital where he was born was anti-pacifier, so they were not provided there. That first night, he cried a lot. When we got home, we rushed ordered a “binky”. Once he had that binky in his mouth, the cries stopped and he was calm again. It was like our little miracle product!

Just make sure to size up the pacifiers as your baby gets older!

1. Baby Wrap Carrier

My number one favorite newborn product is one that I still use today and my son is one year old now. The baby wrap was the true lifesaver, an M.V.P if you would. My youngest was a very clingy baby, he always wanted me to hold him, and as you can imagine it was difficult to get things done that way. So, after some googling, I came across this product, watched a few youtube videos, and was wearing my baby around the house like a pro in no time.

I would put him in the wrap, give him his pacifier and I was able to do whatever I needed; housework, my makeup and hair, laundry, going to the bathroom, it was all so much easier with him strapped to my chest. In my personal opinion these wraps are so much better than the baby carriers that clip together and all that jazz. These feel comfortable for both you and baby!

There you have it, my top ten favorite newborn products. I feel that every single item on this list is an absolute must-have when you have a little bitty baby at home, but again, that’s my opinion. As a mother, you will know what is most comfortable and what is best for your child and you will have own list of favorite products, but now you have mine to use as a reference.

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