Gender Wives Tales

We all know that once you discover that you are pregnant one of the first things you wonder is if you are having a boy or a girl. Am I right? Now, we all also tend to seek out little clues in our pregnancy that may give away the gender of the perfect little human growing in your belly. Also right?
Well, that’s what I am going to do in my blog today. I am going to go through all sorts of wives tales and see what gender they all say; if you’re pregnant, try it along with me.

  • Sweet versus salty cravings

They say if you are crazing all things sweet, then you’re having a girl and if you are craving salty, then it’s a boy.

My result: Girl

  • Morning sickness

If you are suffering from “excessive” nausea, then you could be having a girl.

My result: Girl

With my first two pregnancies, I did not have any nausea, at all. With my third, I had very slight nausea. All three were boys. With this pregnancy, I definitely experienced more nausea, but I wouldn’t say it was “excessive”.

  • Pregnancy glow, or no

Clear skin? It’s a boy! Acne? It’s a girl!
I am most definitely having more acne than I am used to.

My result: Girl

  • Moody versus mellow

If you are chill and go with the flow, then you may be having a boy. If you are moody, then you may be having a girl.

My result: Girl

  • The ring test

Use a ring hanging from a piece of your hair to swing over your belly. If it goes in a circular motion, it’s a girl, and if it goes side to side, it’s a boy.

My result: Girl

  • Heart rate

If your babies heart rate is faster than 140, then you may want to get ready for that little girl.

My result: Girl

  • Chinese gender chart

Taking into consideration the month of conception and the age of the mother at conception, you can be told what gender you are pregnant with.
I could not figure that out on my own, so I used a website.

My result: Girl

  • Cold feet

Apparently, if your feet are extra icy and cold, like all the time, then you are having a boy. If they are warm and toasty, then you are having a girl.

My result: Boy

  • Clumsiness

Rumor has it, if you are extra clumsy during your pregnancy, then it’s a boy. If you are more graceful than usual, then you are having a girl.
I am an extremely clumsy person, like all the time, it’s a natural thing for me. Yet, with this pregnancy, I have hardly tripped, slipped, hurt myself or whatever.

My result: Girl

  1. Headaches?

If you are having no headaches, then it’s a girl but if you are having a bunch of headaches, then it’s a boy.

My result: Boy

Girl: 8
Boy: 2

Well, there you have it! According to the wives tales, it’s a girl!!
Of course, these are just for fun and should not actually be used to determine the gender of your child, you should get an ultrasound or blood test done for that, but why not have a little fun in the meantime?
I will update the gender of my baby in the next post.
See you then!


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