My Tattoos and What They Mean to Me!

Let’s do a tattoo blog post!!

So, for as long as I can remember, I have wanted to get tattoos. I have planned and changed my mind so many times at this point that I can’t even remember the original tattoos I wanted.

I got my first tattoo when I turned eighteen, it cost me sixty dollars and I actually got it done in my dining room. Which looking back now, sounds like a horrible idea, it is also the only tattoo that I have that I plan on getting covered, no shocker there.
The reason behind these small wings was because my dad has an angel tattoo on his shoulder, so I figured it would be nice to get angel wings.

My second tattoo I got around nineteen years old and it was at an actual shop this time, yay me! It cost me $240 and the only part that hurt was the shading. I got a sparrow because it is used to symbolize loyalty to family, and I am a very family-oriented type of person.

My third tattoo was $80 and I got it around twenty-five years old. Fun fact, the artist who did this tattoo is actually the one I have gone to ever since and plan on seeing way more times. The reason behind this tattoo was my mom. We wanted matching tattoos and had decided on two elephants.

My fourth tattoo cost $200 and I got it at twenty-five as well. This tattoo is one of my favorites and it is actually a Sailor Moon reference, which not a lot of people realize. The moon is for Sailor Moon and the rose is for Tuxedo Mask. But, the rose is also my birth flower!

My fifth tattoo was my largest piece so far, it cost me $600, which I also got at twenty-five. That was my year for tattoos apparently. This tattoo has four flowers on it, which are the birth flowers for my older boys, and my parents. I am going to extend the tattoo down my arm with more birth flowers (like my youngest son and my unborn daughters) and also flowers that mean something to me.

My sixth tattoo I got when I was twenty-six and it cost me $100. This was also the first tattoo I got with words! It says “My Heart I Surrender” with a cross at the end because I have surrendered my heart to God.

That’s it! Those are my tattoos! I don’t have a whole lot, but I plan on getting many more. It’s been almost three years since my last tattoo and ugh I miss it!!!!

What tattoos do you have or what are you planning on getting? I’m curious to know!!


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